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Cake Plaque Spike

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Upgrade your cake game with our NEW & INNOVATIVE Cake Plaque Spike! This game-changer of a tool lets you secure your plaques & froppers to your cake with ease and precision, so you can spend more time decorating and less time worrying! 

Designed with innovation and convenience in mind, this cutting-edge tool is poised to become an essential accessory for both professional bakers and baking enthusiasts alike.

The spike gently pierces through the layers without compromising the structural integrity of the cake, ensuring a stable and professional finish.


High quality 3mm clear acrylic.



Round Base 25mm, Spike 70mm

Rectangular Base 30mm x 15mm, Spike 70mm


Round Base 35mm, Spike 80mm

Rectangular Base 40mm x 20mm, Spike 80mm

How to Use

1. Thread the spike through the base, from the adhesive side, so the overhang of the spike is flush with the base.

2. Remove the adhesive from the back of the base and carefully place onto the back of your plaque or fropper. Push down to secure.

3. Allow to rest for a few minutes to ensure it adheres well. Clean spike, then insert into the side/front of your cake.

4. For a visual demonstration, please click here.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse in clear water after washing.

Allow to air dry or dry with paper towel.

Do not place in dishwasher or soak in water.

Do not use abrasive chemicals or scourers.

Keep utensils away from kids, pets and flammable items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cake Plaque Spike a one time application or reusable?

The Cake Plaque Spike is a one time application. Once the adhesive is removed and the base plate is adhere to the back of the plaque, it can no longer be removed.

Can I apply more than one Cake Plaque Spike to a single plaque/fropper?

Yes absolutely! If you have a large plaque/fropper and require additional support, we recommend applying two base plates + spikes to the back, before inserting them into the cake.

Can I use the Cake Plaque Spike on very thin style plaques, e.g. a single layer name plaque?

We don't recommend using the Cake Plaque Spike on very thin plaque designs, as the base plate and spike will be visible. Thin style plaques are very light in weight, and can be adhered to the cake using ganache. 

What colour and material is the Cake Plaque Spike?

The Cake Plaque Spike is laser-cut from 3mm high quality clear acrylic. 

What is the difference between the round and rectangular base plates?

The difference is simply just the sizing and shape. You have the flexibility of choosing the correct size and shape for each and every cake plaque, to ensure no or little of the Cake Plaque Spike can be seen from the front. 

Can I request a custom sizing of the base plate and/or spike?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact us directly to discuss sizing & options.