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Sweet Tooth Melbourne

Family Height Chart

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Our personalised family height chart is such a beautiful way to record and keep track of your child/ren's height as they grow. 

Made from 3mm plywood in the shape of puzzle pieces, they are easy to stack and mount on your wall. 

The height chart can be personalised to feature your family name or child's name in your choice of colour.

Dimensions: 6 puzzle pieces; 15cm wide x 240-310cm high. Overall height when assembled: 175cm. 

Application: Due to skirting boards, measure 30cm from the floor to the 30cm marking on the height chart. Use 3M command strips, velcro strips or Blu-Tak to attach directly to wall. Measurements are exact; 30cm - 190cm / 1ft - 6ft. 


Plywood & acrylic.

Please note: Due to the nature of plywood, there will be variances in colour, knots and wood grain. This is not a flaw in the wood, but adds character to the final product.

Also note, that these plywood pieces are engraved and there is no ink used. There may be colour variances in the engraving due to the natural wood grain.

Care Instructions

THIS IS NOT A TOY. Please handle with care. Due to the size and materials used, these can be extremely fragile. Please do not bend.

Do not display within reach of children. If using for photography purposes, use only under strict adult supervision. Do not allow baby to hold or mouth these products.

To clean, please use a clean, soft, damp cloth to gently wipe surface areas.